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What is findbiz?

Findbiz, is an online search engine that provides access to the largest online database of companies in the Balkans. With accurate and complete data for more than 1,000,000 Companies in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, and 2,900 products and services, findbiz is a unique choice for businesses that are looking to find quickly, easily and at low-cost suppliers and customers.

How can I use findbiz?
Findbiz provides multiple options and search criteria to members and subscribers through a particularly friendly navigation environment, thus enabling them to find easily the businesses of their choice and target directly and effectively the markets of their choice.
Through the Quick Search you can easily and effectively locate companies that interest you based on their name, activity and geographic region. Through Premium Search (only available to Premium subscribers) you can estimate the size of the markets of your interest, evaluate alternative targeting scenarios and create target groups selecting among a wider range of more sophisticated criteria.

Services for subscribers
From the home page, the subscriber can Log in and use the specific sections of subscribers’ site such as the enhanced Quick Search and the Premium Search, the Balance Sheet and the section of Business Connect.
Search capabilities
The findbiz provides subscribers two different search methods:
1. Quick Search: The search engine findbiz allows subscribers to conduct simple searches through the home page selecting product / service or company combined with the geographical criteria. As a result, they receive a list of companies that match the search criteria chosen.
2. Premium Search : This is available to subscribers who want more specialized company lists. It provides more sophisticated search criteria and enables Premium Subscribers to download to their computers editable excel lists.

Company Information
Choosing a company the subscriber can see its full description, including highly visible elements such as logo, the company’s advertising page, its banners, product catalogs, videos, etc.. Moreover, the sunscriber can access links and easily navigate to the company’s website for further information or contact via email those companies that he wishes.

Balance Sheets
(only available for companies in Greece)
Through the Balance Sheets section the subscriber of findbiz is able to search and find:
• The Balance Sheets and Mid Term Financial Statements of all SA Ltd.
• The Consolidated Balance Sheets and Mid Term Financial Statements of Group of Companies

Business Connect
In the pages of Business Connect, the subscribers enter a "marketplace", in which they can search or insert goods and / or services they wish to buy or offer respectively. Through a simple search they can choose the product they are interested to source and see if there are offers for this product from other companies. In another case, they have the opportunity to submit their bid for a product they sell themselves or communicate directly with the company which has requested it.

Sector Studies

ICAP's Sector studies accurately reflect the structure of the market examined providing estimates for the sector outlook. ICAP aiming to support and strengthen the businesses, designs and implements annually more than 50 Sector Studies.

Now you can purchase the Sector Study of your interest online through findbiz using your credit card. In less than two minutes the sector study you want will be in your hands.

Look for the sector study that interests you by clicking here 

Why should I become a subscriber?
The findbiz is an updated, online, company data base, which includes more than 800,000 companies in Greece and the Balkans and connects buyers and sellers from the Balkan countries.

Unlimited and specialized searches

Findbiz offers the opportunity to the subscriber to make unlimited searches using geographical and economic criteria in conjunction with activity features in order to build the clientele that he wants. At the same time it enables him to communicate with the selected companies by phone or by email.

Company lists in excel format

The Premium Subscribers after they create the target group of their choice can download it in excel file for further processing e.g. to prepare analyzes or update their systems.

Detailed classification of companies based on their activity

For the classification of companies according to their activity, findbiz uses both the international coding NACE, as well as the unique ICAP classification of sectors and products, facilitating the user to easily and quickly find companies that produce or represent the products of their interest and see immediately the company profile, the contact details as well as the executives representing it.

Enhanced targeting options

Subscibers of findbiz can choose between 35 different criteria (geographical, business, shopping, size, communication) and refine their searches according to specific needs.

Why should I advertize on findbiz?
The findbiz is a unique electronic "market" for companies that want to enhance their sales, marketing, procurement or research activities and are interested in finding partners quickly and easily.

The best spot to be found your prospective partners!

Your promotion through findbiz is an effective, low-cost means to target directly to suppliers, partners or potential customers and gives you the ability to:
• Enhance your Brand Awareness  in Greece and the Balkans
• Communicate your message more effectively
• Present the your company’s profile and lines of business
• Connect directly any interested party with your products and services catalogues
• Place an opportunity for members of findbiz to visit your website
• Get ahead of competition in the categories of your activity
• Appoach the real buyers for your products

The promotion through findbiz can take the form of:

Banner on homepage
• Banner on the results page of a product category
• Banner on the pages of Balance Sheets, Sector Studies, Business Connect.
• Logo and full presentation of your company profile
• Connection of your company profile to your website and email
• Appearance on your company's profile of your advertisements, videos, banners of offers, brochures of your products.

Give your company a chance to be seen by hundreds of users on a daily basis!

Contact us and learn about the unique capabilities that findbiz offers you.

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